The Cipher Girls


The Enigma Cipher Center presents the history of breaking Enigma codes by Polish cryptologists, talks about the history of information secrecy throughout history and the digital revolution. THE CIPHER GIRLS project includes inspiring stories about the lives and achievements of outstanding women philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, inventors, cryptologists and cryptographers, heroic couriers and messengers, and many other unknown heroines.

The aim of the THE CIPHER GIRLS project is to popularize knowledge about outstanding women, precursors in the field of mathematics, philosophy, IT, cryptology and intelligence services during World War II, as well as about precursors of the digital revolution.

By telling about the heritage of women related to cryptology and related fields of science, we want to contribute to filling the scattered gaps related to their presence and visibility in history.

In pursuit of the goal of disseminating and protecting the heritage of Poznań, we always refer to the idea of heritage interpretation. Thanks to it, we talk about heritage in an accessible language, actively engaging recipients and referring to their experiences. Following this principle, we also made sure that THE CIPHER GIRLS project included in its program a whole range of events, from those of a research and educational nature, to cultural and artistic events.

We believe that THE CIPHER GIRLS project, implemented by the Enigma Cipher Center together with the Adam Mickiewicz University, based on the heritage of science and the heritage of the place common to both institutions, will create a modern platform for knowledge and dialogue in Poznań, open to a wide range of recipients, in particular girls and women, planning or developing their careers in STEM (eng. . science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

Katarzyna Kucharska




In connection with the “Szyfrodziewczyny” project, the Poznań Heritage Center and the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, leading the project “When science is a woman”, signed a letter of intent on cooperation on April 18, 2023. Combining the forces and potentials of both institutions related to the topic of women’s contribution to the development of science, the history of Poland and the world, in particular the history of the so-called digital revolution, is to support both projects on a partnership basis.

The partner of the Poznań Heritage Center from the beginning of the project “Cyphers” is the Foundation of the Museum of Women’s History, which was established to combine Polish herstorical initiatives and to implement the project of establishing the Women’s History Museum in Poland as a modern cultural, educational and research facility.



Katarzyna Kucharska – curator

Monika Wolska – illustrator

Kamila Pluta – cooperation

Tomasz Blimel – cooperation

Maksym Kempinski – cooperation


Information about the project:

Katarzyna Kucharska

phone: +48 61 88 84506