Accessibility declaration

Accessibility declaration

Poznań Heritage Centre undertakes to ensure the high accessibility of its website, under Act of 4 April 2019 on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities. This Declaration of Accessibility shall apply to the website of Enigma Cipher Centre.

Date of publication and revised versions

Launching date of the website: 2021-08-25

Date of last major update: 2021-08-26

Legal compliance status

The website partially complies with the Act of 4 April 2019 on the digital accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public entities due to non-compliance or exclusions listed below:

  • no published and digitally available map of the website,
  • no proper header structure of articles in some areas of the website,
  • difficulty in operating the key functions of the website using the keyboard, including some menu,
  • no defined “focus” attributes for interactive elements; the lack of skipping content makes it difficult to serve blind and visually impaired people.
  • The website contains PDF documents that can make it difficult to read using screen readers. We aim to minimize the use of such files. With the development of the site, we are posting more and more of their content directly on our website.

Declaration made on: 2021-08-25

Date of the last declaration review and update: 2024-03-28

Keyboard Shortcuts

The website has shortcuts that could conflict with auxiliary technologies (e.g. reading software), the system, or user applications.

Standard keyboard shortcuts can be used.


If you have any problems with accessing our website, feel free to contact us.

The contact person is Lucyna Kaczmarkiewicz, lucyna.kaczmarkiewicz[at]

You can also contact us by calling 61 647 7627. Using the contact data above, you can also make requests for access to inaccessible information or make requests for data accessibility.

Everyone has the right to request the availability of the digital website, mobile application or some element thereof.

You can also request information to be shared via an alternative method of access, for example by reading a digitally inaccessible document, describing the contents of the video without audio description, etc. The request should include data of the person submitting the request, indication of the relative website or mobile application and contact data of the person filing the request. Where the requesting person declares the need to obtain information by means of an alternative means of access, he or she shall also specify the manner in which that information is to be presented to him or her in a manner which is convenient for him or her.

The public entity should fulfil the request immediately, no later than within 7 days from the date of submitting the request. If it is not possible to meet this deadline, the public entity shall immediately inform the requesting person when the request can be fulfilled, whereas, this period may not be longer than 2 months from the date of the request. Where it is not possible to ensure digital accessibility, the public entity may propose an alternative way of accessing information.

Where the public entity refuses to comply with the request for access or an alternative means of access to information, the requesting person may submit a complaint about the digital accessibility of the website or mobile application or an element of the website or the mobile application. Once the above procedure has been exhausted, a request may also be made to the Ombudsman.

Link to the Ombudsman’s website Rzecznik Praw Obywatelskich

Architectural accessibility

The Centre can be accessed from Św. Marcin Street or from Kościuszki Street. From Św. Marcin Street , there are 4 steps, extensive rest and 8 steps. On the left side by the stairs, there is a vertical platform for max. 3 people (the platform load capacity is 385 kg). The double door opens automatically to the outside. Its width is 1.80 m. The entrance from Kościuszki Street is located in the courtyard, behind the gate. On the right side, there is a door leading to the cloakroom and further to the entrance zone. Their width is 90 cm; in front of them, there is a threshold (20 cm high), then a corridor and stairs up (13 steps). Deeper in the courtyard, on the right, there is a door 1.6 m wide, behind which, on the right there, there is an elevator leading to the entrance zone and to all floors and half-floors of the building. There are no thresholds here. There are also toilets for people with disabilities. At each entrance, there is a TOTU point tag. You can enter the Centre with an assistance dog.

In the entrance area, there are stairs leading to the other floors and half-floors. The width of the middle stairs (13 steps) is 5.90 m, the side stairs –

2.60 m (12 steps). We recommend using the elevator located on the left side of the stairs. It is easier to get from it to each level of the building.

The Centre has 4 toilets adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Their manoeuvring capacity is approx. 170 cm by 170 cm. The cloakroom is located on level -1, only stairs (13 steps), 1.6 m wide, lead to it. In order not to go down to the cloakroom, you can use the lockers next to the cash desk. At the cash desk, you can rent a rehabilitation trolley, a baby carrier and mute headphones for the duration of the visit.

At the Visitor Centre, you can rent audio guides for visiting the exhibition, also in the version with audio description and navigation tips.

In the exhibition space, there is a silence room. The exhibition is free of architectural barriers. Selected spaces are at slightly lower levels. You can get to the U-boat room using the steps. There is a vertical platform for max. 3 people (the platform load capacity is 385 kg). The Łowmiański Hall is 4 steps lower. There is a ramp equipped with handrails (8 m long), (1 m wide). There are warning areas in front of and behind the stairs and the ramp. The bottom edge of the touch screens and table tops are located at a height of 80 cm.

On the 2 floor on the balcony, there is Mediateka (Multimedia Library). You can go up the main stairs or take the elevator.

Additional information

You can find more information in the Accessibility tab