Cipher Centre

Every visitor is important to us. We are committed to ensuring that your visit is safe and enjoyable. Feel free to ask the members of the Customer Service Team for help at all times.

Before your visit, you can contact us at this number: 61 888 45 12.
Information on the upcoming events can be found here.
If you want to visit the exhibition with a group, please read these guidelines.


Visitors with disabilities and their companions are entitled to concessionary tickets.


Assistants for visitors with visual impairment

If you need assistance during your visit at the Centre, for example during the events we organise, you are welcome to ask for the help of one of our assistants. An assistant is a member of the Customer Service Team who will accompany you during your visit at the Centre and provide information on what the space looks like and what is happening.


We welcome visitors with assistance dogs.

To find out more about accessibility, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator:

Lucyna Kaczmarkiewicz
tel. +48 571 267 308 (you are welcome to either call or send a text message)